Vinyes Singulars


The project Vinyes Singulars was born in 2011, after a long winemaking tradition in our family that started in 1405.

We create our wines from a selection of our best vineyards, planted more than 60 years ago. We make our wines organically, while we are seeking to maintain a balance between our activities and nature around us.

Our commitment is to produce honest wines, make use of the territory in the most natural and healthy way as possible, with minimal intervention from us.

Our estate has an extention over an area of 120 hectars and we are actually producing grapes in about 20 of them.


The new generation of the family, with Ignasi Segui leading the project, is creating a fabulous small family owned company. Not focused on profit and volume, but quality and cultivating going back to the roots and history. Excelence with nature is a must for them.


Vinyes Singulars is not a cellar that you can visit every day. We have to find a date on Ignasi’s agenda. He likes to take his time for visits and always surprise us with something new. He is creative, restless, curious and always willing to learn from others.


Vinyes Singulars only produces limited editions from white wines, cavas and natural wines. Sometimes are only a few hundered bottles ready for tastings.

The experience to visit them is essential, basic, unusual, but singular.

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