Mas Llagostera, original & sustainable by its own!



100% sustainable house with maximum comfort

Mas Llagostera is a rural house with centuries of history on its back. When Solé Bundó family started restoring the house we decided to create a high quality offer without giving up consistency with the environment and the legacy that has passed from parents to children, from generation to generation. From this basis it arose the offer of a responsible wine vacation that keeps the essence of self-manegement connected to famming and rural environemen-by promoting sustainable practices .


Mas Llagostera has 6 bedrooms with a total capacity for up to 14 guests. Two dining rooms, one of them with chimney. There is a well-equipped Kitchen (dishwasher and microwave too). At the main house loft is a big living room from where you can enjoy excellent views and a meeting hall as well. There are some other places with many leisure time possibilities, too: a garden with a swimming pool and a rest area, a «spa» with sauna and jacuzzi, lounge billard , a playground and barbecue area.


The family Bundó are depply practicing sustainibility and gree holidays. During your stay you can also learn about how the whole property is working green and that every ingredient is part of the whole project. The house is surrounded of mores than 70 ha of vineyards, olive and almond trees. There are romantic walks between the vineyards and the pure nature.



Mas Llagostera is situated at the southern Penedés area. You are on the border between the province Barcelona and Tarragona and the beaches of Vendrell, Comarruga are very close. Your are at a perfect location to visit all southern Catalonia in less than one hour drive.

the house has an outside kitchen and dinning room. Very cozy! Also there is beside the main house a old barn converted into an event space, perfect for private or corporate activities.