Mas Comtal


Who are they!

The origin of Mas Comtal begins in the ancient Rome as a «mutatio» at the foot of one of the most important Roman roads , todayknown as «carrerada». As a testimony to the past there is an arch of 2000 years old. A «mutatio» was a stop for resting which offered some services to travelers such as food and water to passengers and horses, setting the wheels of the car, medicines, veterinary care, etcètera. It also was a place to change horses if necessary. Each mutatio was located every 12-18 roman miles (15-25kilometers).

The origin of the current name Mas Comtal gives his membership in the county of Barcelona in the early second millennium.
The status of family farm ownership begins at the end of the fifteenth century, and since that time belonged to the same family and from the mid-nineteenth century has the name of Milà.

 What’s going on:

In the same way that two crops are not equal, Mas Comtal never produces two wines alike. Every year is a different adventure. This is the magic of the world of author organic wine. The wine is the result of a combination of factors not modifiable as well as a way of working vine variety and consistent throughout the cycle of the plant.The wisdom of the winemaker is a key to obtaining good wine. Deciding the optimum time of harvest where is a balance between the acidity and the sugar concentration. The precise time of maceration, fermentation temperature, the type of barrel used, the aging time, and even the type of cap are decisions taken by the winemaker and give their personal and unique trait to the wine.


Mas Comtal is ammember of Qalidès (synthesis and Quality & Penedès) is an association of different wine producers in Penedes who share the same philosophy in their estate wines. A group of companies that was founded in 2004 with the purpose of explaining that there is another Penedès behind the traditional image that the consumer has. A Penedès concerned to preserve its vineyards, respectful with the environment and identity, and working closely with the various terroirs of each property to develop and position their estate wines among the best in the world .

Currently, Albert Milà, manager of the cellar and responsible of the cultivation of vineyards runs a family business which produces Author Organic Wines. Innovation and know-how are the basis to make highly expressive.


Arriving to Mas Comtal is getting into good vibrations from the beginning.

In front of the team is Marta Milà, daughter of Albert and next generation in charge of the business.

Mas Comtal opened their doors of the family residence and you will enjoy unforgettable moments with unique wines and stories of their history and the love they felt for their country Catalonia.

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