Cava Guilera


Cava Guilera is a small family-owned business specialized in handmade ageing cavas: Reserva and Gran Reserva.

We make tours, tastings and workshops throughout all the year. We have a shop (online as well) of cava and craftwork, a healthy and sustainable landscape and relaxing spaces intended to enjoy the outdoors. Ideal for families, couples, groups of friends, businessmen and motorhome users.

We are located in the farmhouse of Ca l’Artigas, in Subirats Vineyard Capital.


Cava Guilera is a very small producer and representative for the hundreds of families in the area, which traditionaly are making cava. We have chosen the way to produce long ageing cava, because we believe that a cava needs time to become a great cava. Time to grow, to mature and to naturally develop its intrinsic properties. Time for all of them to integrate and become a harmonious whole, pleasant to the palate. Time to let things happen, aside from the frenetic productivity that prevails in the market.

It is our passion for what we do and a real will to offer a quality product and service to our friends and clients, who have led us to reach such willingness.


Traditional production method / Limited homemade production: 30,000 bottles per year, each and every one of which goes through Pere Guilera’s hands: it may be during the tirage, or during the daily eighth of a turn to the shaking racks; it may be during disgorging, washing or labelling.


Would you like to visit a small family winery from Penedès?

Would you like to live the harvest experience with us?

Do you want to enjoy of the ancient harvest, treading on grapes?

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