Can Bas


Can Bas is a place where vines have been cultivated for more than two thousand years; an inhabited nucleus dating back to times immemorial; an ancestral home which has evolved over an ancient farm dwelling; an agricultural production unit uninterruptedly involved in viticulture.

Can Bas is a winery where only wines from the vines of our estate are produced, without forgetting that this estate has been a winery as from its very origins.

Can Bas is a property, a land, a compendium of history, a nucleus of culture, the sum of illusions, efforts, knowledge, experience and work. It is a reference point within the geographical framework of the Penedès, and also a tourist and wine tourism point of interest.

Can Bas is a place and at the same time an idea; perhaps even a passion. It is a manner of producing wine, a landscape and a people.

All of this comprises up the wine estate of Can Bas.


At Can Bas we express ourselves in a contemporary and honest manner from the very depth of our essence. We find excellence in the roots of the land, in knowledge and experience.

At Can Bas we unfurl the most sublime of a potential that is preserved in the memory in order to be able to produce authentic terroir wines.


One of the hughest vineyards in the Penedés. It’s not only a producing project. Can Bas is a complete experience of wine tourism. All the details make sense and are thought to celebrate every minute, that you will be there.

Can Bas is property of the Pere Ventura family, that also has an exclusive cava cellar nearby. A visit to both should be a good options.


The modern design of the cellar and the interiors in a very respectful way, considering their history.